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Tom McBride and Richard Dawkins at the 2011 Boston Humanist Annual Convention



Religion's Contribution to World Peace and Harmony

While we would hope that religion would contribute to world peace and harmony, the truth is different. Characteristic religious fanaticism continues and accelerates today, so that in recent years we have witnessed all the following and more:

  • Catholics killing Protestants (and vice versa) in Ireland

  • Christians killing Muslims (and vice versa) in Lebanon

  • Muslims killing Hindus (and vice versa) in India

  • Hindus killing Buddhists (and vice versa) in Sri Lanka

  • Jews killing Muslims (and vice versa) in Palestine

  • Sunni Muslims killing Shiites (and vice versa) in Iraq

  • Shiites killing Baha’is in Iran

  • Christians killing doctors, nurses and their patients in Florida, New York, Alabama, Massachusetts, and Kansas.

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    Take the Test

    Assuming you have read the first five pages of the Bible (Genesis 1:2 to Genesis 5:32), truthfully answer the following questions:

  • Do you truly believe that the planet earth came about in six days?

  • Do you truly believe a woman was made from a man’s rib while the man was sleeping?

  • Do you truly believe all the animals on the earth were created at that time and that evolution never took place?

  • Do you truly believe the woman and the serpent are the originators of sin?

  • Do you truly believe Mr. Lamech, the father of Noah, (the ship builder) lived to the age of 777 years (that’s seven hundred and seventy seven years)?

  • Your answers to these questions are sufficient to qualify you or any reader of the Bible as a legitimate open-minded person or a closed-minded person.

    If your answer to any of the above questions is "Yes," don't bother to buy my books or contact me. If your answer is "No" to all of the questions, I assume you have a mind set similar to mine...questioning your religious teachings...the obvious fiction in the religious teachings we were taught...lived through the tooth fairy tales...the Easter bunny proceedings...then the Santa Claus phase of childhood...and now trying to learn the truth about who we are...where did we come from...where are we going to go following our journey on earth...seeking peace of mind.

    Find out more about fictitious religion and its affect on our civilization in my books.


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