LCDR Tom McBride USN/Ret. WWII Corsair Fighter Pilot

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Tom McBride as a brand new ensign in 1943. Ready to  whip the Japanese.





Tom McBride at his retirement in 1961. A more sober and thoughtful pilot than in 1943. Followed orders, flew the missions assigned.




His personal airplane was this single engine Piper Comanche 250 which was really a fun airplane to fly around the Southwest. It was the number one love of his life until he met his wife Karen.


After a long and successful career as a real estate and development entrepreneur, he's turned to political activism and writing.

Born in Carnegie, PA in 1922, LCDR Tom McBride enjoyed a remarkable military career flying Corsair fighters from the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Bennington during WW-II. Tom remained in the Navy until 1961, when he started a real estate business in Pt. Loma, CA. Later he became a partner in a real estate development company.

Tom has always been interested in the great visions and deeds of the 1776 founders of America. In 2015, at age 93, he is still actively involved in writing, real estate, and many other endeavors that keep him traveling around the globe.

Although Tom is no longer involved in gunfire wars, he is hell bent in verbally attacking those he calls the "enemies within" who are attacking his beloved 1776 founder’s goals and dreams for America as well as their attacks on the judicial branch of our government. He is now as dedicated to the goals of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State as he once was as a warrior in fighting the enemies overseas.

In 2006, he started the process of writing about his experiences and thoughts on America and has published two books; one with author Kelle Metz. Here's what he says about that process:

"The memoir starts in the 1920s, continues through the depression of the 1930s, then WW-II, then covers my service during a few other wars until my retirement from the Navy in 1961 and on to 2004. 

Several decades ago, I began to think about what a human is, where did we come from, why we are here and where will we be going. I decided I would like to know the truth, not answers based on fictitious stories, myths, fear and superstition. Of course we all know the biology, but I wanted to know more.

In writing my memoir, I have violated professional advice about not editorializing, insulting people I don’t like and at times writing as if I am speaking (shouting) from a soap box in a park. I tell it as I have seen it, witnessed and evaluated events over the past nine decades. If I have misinterpreted, have views contrary to those of others who observed the same events and if I come across as too opinionated...that’s me.

I’m giving details of sources that helped shape my thinking and life. It may be from a book, from the internet, a visit with a person, an observation of an event or an experience I had. In each case, I note the years the individual lived and worked and cite references where readers can learn more.

I have several goals: one is to force myself to learn who I am and where I am going to go when I depart this life and the other is to attempt to influence people to read about many of the interesting individuals of past and present generations. My audience is any American who happens to come across my memoir. Hopefully at least a few individuals who read my books will begin to think about the danger if the wall of separation of state and church is taken down and of our nation becoming a theocracy-controlled government."

When it comes to politics, for me, it comes down to this: Why in the world would we entrust the future of our beloved country to politicians who make decisions based on myths?

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